Our Mission

The Greenville Entertainment Series started as a nonprofit more than 75 years ago by a group of passionate community members. While the people may have changed, our passion and goal has stayed true - to bring affordable and quality entertainment to the Greenville and Hunt County Community.

The mission of Greenville Entertainment Series is to foster the appreciation of live stage performance for all generations by establishing Greenville as a cultural center for live stage performance.

Diverse Concerts

Throughout our concert season, we strive to provide performances that appeal to a diverse range of entertainment interests: pop, classical, country & western, and big band genres. We also appeal to a variety of generations, in hopes that the love of live stage performance will inspire all generations.

Affordably Priced

The expense of the series is only partially paid for through membership sales. A large amount is collected through our "Patron Program," in which individuals and businesses donate tax-deductible money. With the generous support of our donors, we are able to provide season tickets at a reasonable price.

For the Community, By the Community

The Greenville Entertainment Series is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. All the money collected during the drive goes toward the hiring of the artists, the expenses associated with their performances and campaign expenses.

Our Venue

Greenville Municipal Auditorium

The Municipal Building was built in 1939 as a public works project of the Roosevelt administration. The Auditorium has 1,450 theatre-style seats and has hosted a wide variety of artists over the years from Elvis Presley to Duke Ellington.

Today this art deco style Auditorium hosts a multitude of events ranging from symphony concerts to country shows.

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Inspire the next Buddy Holly...

Elvis Presley inspired Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly inspired Paul McCartney. For generations, artists have been inspired by other artists. By volunteering with us to provide these quality concerts, you could be playing a huge part in the life of the next great artist.

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