1 Ticket ,
All the Concerts

The Season Has Begun!

  • Adult:$50
  • Couples:$100
  • Family:$110
  • Student:$25

How It Works

1 Ticket,
all the concerts

For the same price you might pay for a single concert, you have access to the entire season line up.

Bundling our ticket sales helps us to keep costs low while providing quality entertainment.

Why so cheap?

Through the support of generous patrons we are able to offset concert costs. Making Greenville a thriving center for the arts is our passion. We want to foster the love of live stage performance in future generations. It's why we do what we do.

2018-2019 Concert Line Up

Why We Do It

Entertainment should inspire, and we believe that no other form of entertainment inspires quite like live stage performance. That's why we work to provide professional concerts that are affordable.

The mission of Greenville Entertainment Series is to foster the appreciation of live stage performance for all generations by establishing Greenville as a cultural center for live stage performance.

We host performers ranging from pop, classical, country & western, and big band genres. We also provide educational outreaches to inspire the younger generations of our community.

Without Elvis none of us could have made it.
Buddy Holly

A Texas-Sized Thank You

We wouldn't exist without the generous support of our community:

  • Greenville Municipal Auditorium Greenville, Commerce, & Wolfe City Sustaining Patron
  • Greenville Municipal Auditorium City of Greenville Tourism Sustaining Patron
  • Gladys Clayton Foundation Sustaining Patron
  • Brian & Barbara Cullen Sustaining Patron
  • Greenville Municipal Auditorium Sustaining Patron
  • Don & Linda Bolin Honor Patron
  • Law Offices of Morgan & Gotcher Honor Patron
  • Dee & Mary Jean Hilton Honor Patron
  • Greenville Municipal Auditorium Honor Patron